Gator Grand Prix Inception

"I didn't serve in the Military, so I  serve the Military whenever possible."  Thom Hager

Event Marketing is one of the most challenging yet rewarding fields to enter. Creativity and mass apeal are two key elements needed for a successful event. Many have tried and many have lost hudreds of thousands of dollars.
The Gator Grand Prix evolved from our 2014 Gator 100 Go-Kart Race at the Lake Charles Civic Center.  
We chose the Civic Center because we enjoyed working with their staff - having owned and operated the Louisiana Swashbucklers, Managed the Lake Charles LandSharks, and the Lake Charles Ice Pirates hockey team.
The Civic Center is centrally located with easy access in and out of the property.
This year's race has returned to an outdoor grand prix course design. We've moved the race back to the Lake Charles Civic Center as it is such a convenient location for all racing fans.  
The "Gator Pit" area will be located on the Northwest side of the Race Course. 
Remember, a portion of all proceeds will being generated through sponsorships and vendors and donated to our Local Veterans through the Mayor's Armed Forces Commission, so please come show them how much you appreciate them. 

Gator Grand Prix Trophies